Photo Tent 40cmx40cm

Kota Asal Pengiriman : Kota Surabaya

Rp 475.000


  • Professional image in seconds
  • Perfect for digital or film camera.
  • Produce clean consistent images
  • Works on daylight, flash, fluorescent quartz tungsten light and flood light
  • Seamless background for clean, elegant shots
  • Removable front cover with camera lens slit.
  • Inexpensive yet highly productive
  • Increase your sales in no time.
  • Can be washed by water, easy to clean
  • Free 4 backdrops (red, white, blue, and black).
  • It is ideal for shoot small and medium products, such as jewelry, toys, electronics, cosmetics and so on.
  • Material of backdrops: Flocked cloth
  • Tent color: White
  • Body size: approx. 40 x 40 x 40cm (L*W*H)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg