Panasonic HC-PV100

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  • A palm-sized, very light, 6 megapixel full-HD camcorder with functionality and audio and lighting controls required for professional videography.
  • Has a 1/3.1-inch Back Side Illumination (BSI) sensor and a built-in LED video light outputting 300 lx at 1 metre.
  • Built with a 20x zoom/F1.8 lens and a handle for shooting applications such as corporate work, weddings and field production.
  • The sensor supports low light evening events such as receptions or corporate launches, and the dual SD card slots allow continuous recording.
  • When the first card reaches full capacity, the system automatically switches to the second card, and hot-swap recording allows cards to be exchanged while shooting. Simultaneous recording captures data at the same time onto both SD cards as backup against data loss.

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