Viltrox JY 610 II

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  • Viltrox JY 610 II is a compact and light clip-on flash units specially designed for the now popular Mirrorless & Compact cameras with standard hot shoes.
  • Compatible for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic.
  • Provided with Multi Flash feature, it can catch several pictures of moving subjects in one shot.
  • Perfect companions for the ones who use mirror less cameras which are mostly without internal flash guns.
  • It can satisfy amateur ‘s most needs : Portrait-power enough for background lighting.Shoot the portrait when back to Sun light  and shooting in night time.
  • As it is so light and cute , it can be always carried in the amateurs’ bag.
  • Added with the three colors diffusors, the amateur can play with special effects.
  • User friendly LCD Display
  • With LCD screen to allow the photographer easier to set the function and convenient to operate, IR assisted AF.
  • When shooting in the dark or dim places,the infrared assist light is automatically illuminated to enable auto focus.

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